Hello!  I am honored to have you visit my website.  I am a Gospel preacher that lives in Lafayette, Louisiana.  I serve as the evangelist for the South College Road church of Christ and have been working here since June 2005.  I have been teaching and preaching the Gospel of Christ for nearly 25 years.  My primary responsibility as a minister of the Gospel is to study the Bible and prepare myself to teach others the truth contained within it.  I currently teach five to six classes and present two sermons each week.  Additionally, I make myself available for a limited number of protracted Gospel Meetings and single-night lectures.  If you live in the Lafayette area and are interested in studying the Bible, or would like to arrange a protracted meeting in another city or state, please contact me so we can make the appropriate arrangements.  If it is a local one-on-one Bible study, we can meet at your convenience at any time that I am not already engaged to study with someone else or teach publicly.  Thank you for your interest!

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